CASEA Program

To further support our students and their families we are implementing the CASEA (CAMHS and Schools: Early Action) Program in Semester One 2016 for children in Foundation to Year 3. It is a program developed by the Royal Children’s Hospital Integrated Mental Health Program.

The CASEA Program is an early intervention service for young children with challenging behaviours. Challenging or disruptive behaviours can be common in child development, however when these behaviours occur regularly they can impact on a child’s progress at school and delay their emotional and social development. Research has found that if these behaviours are not corrected in early development these children are more likely to experience ongoing problems as adults in their personal and professional lives.

The aim of the program is to promote:

  • Prosocial behaviour,
  • Positive self-esteem,
  • Social skills,
  • Problem solving skills,
  • Assertiveness.

Classroom activities will be conducted in each year level and will focus on teaching students inter-personal, problem solving and conflict resolution skills.  Group programs are conducted for selected children and their parents/carers. The program works with parents to build their confidence in responding to a child’s challenging behaviour and emotional difficulties.