Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies

The Digital Technologies curriculum aims to ensure that students can:

  • design, create, manage and evaluate sustainable and innovative digital solutions to meet and redefine current and future needs
  • use computational thinking and the key concepts of abstraction; data collection, representation and interpretation; specification, algorithms and development to create digital solutions
  • apply systems thinking to monitor, analyse, predict and shape the interactions within and between information systems and the impact of these systems on individuals, societies, economies and environments
  • confidently use digital systems to efficiently and effectively automate the transformation of data into information and to creatively communicate ideas in a range of settings
  • apply protocols and legal practices that support safe, ethical and respectful communications and collaboration with known and unknown audiences.

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Meet Our Staff

We support our students in becoming positive citizens within their community.

Mr Ben Gallagher

Leading Teacher (ICT)

Known as the master builder among the staff at MPS, Mr G’s experience and knowledge is second to none! As a self-professed nerd Mr G loves spending his time investigating new Apps and robots. In his spare time, Mr G like to build upon his mad LEGO collection. When he isn’t on his computer or iPad, Mr G loves to kick-back and watch the Spurs out in action on the court or the Bombers donning the sash.

Mrs Melanie Gilbert

Assistant Principal

Mrs Emma Sutherland

Assistant Principal

Mr Alan McColl